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How to hide a post or page in WordPress

Once in a while you might need to hide a post or page in WordPress website from visitors. Maybe you’re planning to rewrite the content. Or you want to hide seasonal landing page from your site, and show it only next year. There might be endless reasons to hide a page or post in WordPress.

Hiding any type of entry in WordPress is easy and straightforward. Here’s how you do it.

How to temporary hide a post in WordPress

If you want to hide o post in WordPress, you need to open the post in admin panel for editing, and click Switch to Draft at the top right of the page.

wordpress how to hide post

The same steps work with WordPress pages – you just switch them to draft, and they,re not visible for your site visitors.

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By the way – if the page or post you’re hiding is in your site’s menu, then menu link to it will be hidden automatically.

Why you might want to redirect hidden or deleted pages in WordPress

You may need to hide pages or posts from your WordPress site temporary. But if the page is popular, is shared in social networks or you get lots of visitors from Google to it, hiding it for few days or even more time might be harmful for your website. Visitors will try to get to the page, but all they’ll get is a message that page is not found. So it’s not good for SEO.

So if you’re thinking that you’ll gonna hide the page or post for longer, or even have no idea when you’ll publish it again, you shoud copy page URL before hiding it, and redirect that URL to other related page (or homepage) on your WordPress website. If you want to know how to redirect page or post in WordPress then follow this tutorial.


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