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Welcome to Rock Solid Website. It is free WordPress, WooCommerce and Genesis Framework resource website. Currently it contains over a hundred unique tutorials teaching you how to create a great performing website or online store.

All of the articles are written by me, Tomas – web developer who works with WordPress and WooCommerce for more than a decade. In that time I’ve built and optimized hundreds of business and e-commerce websites.


For any enquiries get me in touch via hi@rocksolidwebsite.com .

Have a question about WordPress or WooCommerce?

I’d love to hear from you. I can’t guarantee that I could reply to any and every individual question about your personal website, but if you have any idea for tutorial get in touch with me hi@rocksolidwebsite.com .

Do you accept guest posts?

Currently there are no guest posts in this blog. But if you have a unique article about website or e-commerce store building or optimization, feel free to contact me.

Long-term partnerships and advertising

I will consider opportunities for long-term partnerships that benefit Rock Solid WP readers, but I do not offer advertising inventory for ad hoc purchase.