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How to embed video to WordPress website

Want to embed video from Youtube, Vimeo, TikTok or any other video-based social network? It’s much easier than you might think.

Today I’ll show you how to add video to WordPress from any of the mentioned websites. You won’t need any additional plugins, and it works with any WordPress theme.

How to embed Youtube video to WordPress

The easiest and most straightforward way to embed Youtube video to WordPress is to paste Youtube link to an new paragraph in your WordPress page or post.

First – copy Youtube video URL.

how to embed youtube video to wordpress

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Then paste it to your WordPress post, anywhere you want the video to show up.

embed youtube to wordpress

Just in couple of seconds WordPress will automatically convert link to Youtube embed. So your embedded video will show up like that:

wordpress embed youtube video

How to embed youtube video that would start at specific time

Youtube lest you enbed video that would start at any time of the video quite easily. Click right mouse button on the youtube video timeline – exatly at that moment when you want embeded video to start. Then select Copy video URL at current time.

embed youtube video to wordpress at the specific time

Now when you paste this link to WordPress, your video will start exactly where you need it to.

How to embed Vimeo video to WordPress

WordPress lets you embed Vimeo videos exactly the same as you would embed any other videos. You just need to paste full Vimeo video link to post or page, and WordPress will sort out for you.

WordPress lets you align embedded video the same as other blocks – you may center it, move it to one side, make it fullwidth. So basically embedded video works the same as any other blocks in WordPress editor.

how to add vimeo video to wordpress

How to add TikTok video to WordPress

how to embed tiktok video to wordpress

You probably already have an idea how to embed TikTok video to WordPress. For no surprise, embedding TikTok video to WordPress is the same procedure as usual – just paste video URL where you want it to show up, and that’s it – WordPress will convert it to Embed block automatically.

One thing though – since TikTok videos are all vertical, they will take a lot of space in website. What you may want to do is add Columns block, and put TikTok video in one column, and related content to the other. This way you’ll have tidy layout for desktop viewers.


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