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How to change WordPress admin email without confirmation

If you’ve ever needed to change WordPress admin email address you probably noticed that it requires confirmation.

But in some cases it might be complicated to confirm new email address. For example, if you need to change WordPress admin email now, and you can get to the new email inbox at the moment.

Here I’ll show you a super fast solution how to change WordPress admin email.

Changing WordPress admin email without confirmation in few minutes

Normally you could change WordPress administration email in Settings >> General tab. But that would require email confirmation.

wordpress admin email address change

To change WordPress admin email without confirmation you need to get to WordPress database, and change it there manually.

If you’re using Cpanel or DirectAdmin in your hosting admin panel, then you’ll be able to access your WordPress database through tool named PhpMyAdmin. Open the control panel, look at the Database section, and you’ll be able to find this tool there.

Some of the hosting providers login to your WordPress database automatically. But if you’ll be asked to enter database credentials, you’ll find them in File Manager. Look for wp-config.php file in public or public_html directory. The credentials will be named define( ‘DB_USER’, ‘SOME USERNAME’ ); and define( ‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘SOME PASSWORD’ ); there. You may use this tutorial to find your WordPress database credentials.

wordpress admin email change using phpmyadmin

Once you’re in WordPress website database, then open wp_options table. Just click on it’t title.

wordpress database admin email change

When you’ll open wp_options table you should easily spot the setting you need to change – admin_email. Click Edit on it’s table row, or double click the actual email address to edit it.

change wordpress admin email without confirmation in database

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Once you update the email address here, your WordPress website administration email will be updated without confirmation.

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