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How to categorize posts in WordPress

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If you have a large number of posts in your WordPress blog, you should categorize them. Adding categories to posts is useful not only for blog readers, but for search engines too.

But how do you add categories to your WordPress blog? It’s actually easier than you might think.

How to categorize posts in WordPress

All posts in WordPress are uncetegorized by default. It’s funny but Uncategorized already is a category in WordPress. But that does not help, does it?

To categorize WordPress posts you need to do these two steps:

  1. Create categories in your WordPress website.
  2. Assing posts to categories.

Sounds simple, because it is simple! Ok, let’s start with step #1.

How to create categories in WordPress

To create a new category or view already existing one Posts >> Categories in WordPress admin menu.

how to categorize wordpress posts

Here you see already existing Uncategorized category in the list, and a form to create a new category.

how to create new categories in wordpress

Enter category name, description (you may do it later), and hit Add New Category. Slug will be generated automatically.

wordpress how to add and edit categories

Once new category is saved, it will show up in the category list.

How to assign post to category

To assign a post to a category in WordPress, edit any post you want, and open Settings tab at the top right of the page. Then in the Post section look for Categories tab.

Once you’re there, uncheck Uncategorized category, and select other, more appriopriate category for your WordPress post.

how to add category to post in wordpress

That’s it – after hitting Update your post will be assigned to new category.

By the way, the same change can be done a bit faster. Once you’re in Posts list (Posts >> All Posts),

click Quick edit on any post. You can change the categories here too.

how to add categories to wordpress post

One more thing. If you want to bulk update categories for multiple posts at once, you can’t. In theory you can add additional categories in Bulk Edit mode, but you can’t remove the old ones this way. So you will need to deselect Uncategorized manually anyway.


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