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WordPress Block Editor – how to disable blocks you don’t use

Few years ago WordPress switched from standard WYSIWYG editor to a block-based editor called Gutenberg. The block editor is quite handy for those who know how to use it properly, but if you build website for a client who’s not very with this kind of diy pages, block editor might be scary at first. That’s why I’d love to have a native and easy way to disable blocks me or my clients don’t use.

Saldy this kind of functionality is not available in WordPress. But the good thing is that there’s a great free plugin which lets you disable blocks in WordPress editor you don’t use. Here’s what you need to do.

How to disable blocks you don’t use in WordPress block editor

First thing you need to do is go Plugins >> Add New in your WordPress admin panel. Enter Editorskit to search field at the top.

The first result you’ll see will be EditorsKit plugin. Install and active it.

how to disable blocks in wordpress

Once you’ve done that go to Settings >> EditorsKit.

wordpress disable blocks with editorskit plugin

Once you open EditorsKit settings you’ll see introduction and plugin tutorial. You may look at it, or just go to Blocks Manager at the top.

how to disable or enable wordpress blocks in gutenberg editor

Here you’ll find all default WordPress blocks which you can disable simply by unchecking the boxes.

Great thing is that plugin also detects most WordPress blocks which are installed using themes or plugins so you can control visibility of those blocks too.

By the way, it also supports WooCommerce so you can easily disable WooCommerce editor blocks too. And that’s not all what this plugin can offer.

How to customize WordPress editor blocks

EditorsKit plugin not anly lets you disable or enable WordPress editor (Gutenberg editor) blocks. It also lets you add new features to some of them, and remove features you don’t need.

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Click Features manager in the settings page to look what I’m on about:

how to customize wordpress blocks

That’s a huge amount of block features you can edit. For example:

  • enable or disable justified alignment in WordPress editor
  • enable or disable subscript, superscript, underline, uppercase
  • enable or disable special characters
  • enable or disable column block background colors
  • enable or disable block navigatar

If you want to make WordPress block editor easier and more comfortable to use, this plugin is a must in any of your WordPress websites.


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