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How to make affiliate links look pretty in WordPress

Using lots of affiliate links in WordPress? Then you probably know how complex and “cheap” those links may look in your website. But did you know that you can make those links look much more solid and even easier to remember?

Today I’ll show you how to create pretty affiliate links in WordPress without any technical knowledge. For example – turn link like https://some-affiliate.com/?aff=12345sdfsdasfsdf to https://yourwebsite.com/some-affiliate . Here’s how you do it.

Why it’s important to have pretty affiliate links in your website

Having solid looking and easy to remember affiliate links in your WordPress website can save you lots of time because it’s much easier to remember all the affiliate pages you use. Like in this website i don’t need to remember how hosting affiliate link looks like – I know that it’s just /hostinger.

It also make me more revenue because I can remember it when my clients ask for it – it’s simple.

The other reason might be that some affiliate links may look sketchy. So it’s much better to show pretty and solid looking link in your domain than a link with some random numbers and long query parameters. Pretty links look more solid and trustworthy.

How to create solid looking affiliate links in WordPress

In order to create solid looking affiliate links you’ll need to download Redirection plugin from WordPress repository:

  1. Go to Plugins >> Add New in your WordPress admin panel, and enter redirection to the search field at the top.
  2. Then install and activate Redirection plugin.
wordpress how to redirect links with a plugin

Redirection plugin configuration

After plugin activation you’ll be greeted with Redirection setup wizard. You may look at it’s documentation on the first step, or just hit Start Setup button.

how to create pretty affiliate links in wordpress with redirection plugin

This plugin optionally offers to monitor permalink changes and keep a log of redirects. Both of those features are not needed at the moment, but you might enable them if you think you’ll use them in the future. Then click Continue.

how to setup redirection of affiliate links in wordpress

Then click Finish.

how to redirect links in wordpress

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After plugin does all the tests to make sure that it will work properly in your website click Continue.

wordpress redirect

How to use Redirection plugin to create pretty affiliate links in WordPress

Once redirection plugin is setup you’ll be redirected to it’s dashbaord. You can access this dashboard whenever you need by going to Tools >> Redirection in your WordPress admin panel.

In the example below we will create a pretty affiliate link https://yourwebsite.com/some-affiliate which will redirect to an actual affiliate page https://some-affiliate.com/?aff=12345sdfsdasfsdf . Here’s how you do it:

  1. Enter /some-affiliate to Source URL – this will make you a pretty affiliate link.
  2. Then enter affiliate link page you want to redirect to – in this case it’s https://some-affiliate.com/?aff=12345sdfsdasfsdf.
  3. Then click Add Redirect button.
how to create solid looking affiliate links in wordpress

That’s it – your pretty affiliate link in WordPress is created. As you can see in the picture below, you’ll also have Hits counter – you’ll know how many times the specific affiliate link was opened.

how to manage affiliate link redirects in wordpress

You can have as many redirect links as you want so you can add all of your affiliate links there, and have a convenient control panel to manage them, and get at least some basic stats if they were used, and when was the last time the link was accessed by your website visitors.

Want to add custom links to WordPress admin panel? Check this article.

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