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How to justify text in WordPress Gutenberg editor

If you started using WordPress lately you probably noticed that it’s content editor (Gutenberg) does not have a way to justify text. By default you can align content left, right and center. But no way to apply justify-content.

Some of you may not miss it but I personally use this text layout option a lot, especially on corporate websites.

There are various ways to add text-align: justify; to WordPress posts or pages:

  • edit content as HTML and add css by hand
  • add a class to block and define the class styling in theme’s css file to justify text
  • add text-align: justify; to all the paragraphs or specific pages in CSS

These solutions would work in sme situations but they’re not ideal. You’ll need to add lots of CSS classes, or you’ll need to override the text-align property elsewhere. If only there was a way to have this feature in Gutenberg editor…

And there is, actually! You’ll need an additional WordPress plugin though.

How to enrich Gutenberg with justify, subscript, superscript and other practical editor features

First thing you need to do is to install EditorsKit plugin. Go to Plugins >> Add new, and enter editorskit to search field at the top of the page. Then install and activate Gutenberg Block Editor Toolkit – EditorsKit plugin.

wordpress editorskit plugin

Once you activate the plugin go to Settings >> Editorskit. Click on Features manager tab, and you’ll see massive list of additional formatting and writing tools – justify, underline, special characters, subscript, superscript to many many more.

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You can uncheck the ones you’re not planning to use to make WordPress content editor as clean and simple as possible.

add justify to wordpress gutenberg editor

One more superb feature of this plugin is Block Manager. You can simply disable Gutenberg blocks you don’t use just by unchecking the blocks in the list.

add justify to wordpress gutenberg editor

It’s especially useful for client websites. Great way to optimize editors workflow and make Gutenberg editor much easier to use for inexperienced content editors.

Ok, let’s get back to justified text alignment.

How to justify text in WordPress

Once you have EditorsKit plugin installed then you just need to open a post or a page, and enjoy the new features.

Select the block you want to edit, click on the arrow, and select Justify.

wordpress justify text

As simple as possible – no additional CSS, no custom HTML edits needed.

gutenberg justify text

The best thing is that all of the additional tools provided by EditorsKit look and feel native. So they are fast and intuitive to use.


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