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How to change language in WordPress admin

If you just started using WordPress you may not know that it is available in more than 180 languages. And you can switch between languages just in couple of clicks. No manual config file changes needed, no FTP or additional tools are required.

So how to you change it?

How to change language and other locale settings in WordPress admin

All the WordPress language and locale settings are located in a single page – just login to your WordPress admin panel, and go to Settings >> General.

wordpress how to change admin language

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Here’s what you’ll find there:

  • Site Language. You can select from 180+ languages. This setting changes WordPress admin language, and also atcivates the same langauge in WordPress themes and plugins, if they have proper translation files. If translations files for themes and plugins are not present, WordPress automatically loads english files.
  • Timezone. Timezone setting is used to adjust blog post dates and other date and time related metadata in WordPress
  • Date Format. You can change date format to any format you like – for example 2020.12.30, 30/12/20 etc, or define your own format.
  • Time Format. You may switch time format from 24 hours to AM/PM, am/pm, and define your own format.
  • Week Starts On. That’s also might be useful if your country start week on Sunday, Monday. You can select any weekday.

There’s no manual setup or rebuid needed after you change these settings – your WordPress website will update the data after you hit Save Changes button.

By the way, did you know that you can set different WordPress language for visitors and for admin area? Here you can learn how to set different languages for visitors and administrators in WordPress.


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