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How to add order handling fee to WooCommerce order

If you often get low value orders in your online store you’re probably wondering if it’s actually profitable to sell low price items in your store at all. It takes more time to prepare and ship the orders compared to the profit you get from it.

There is a simple solution for these low value orders – you need an order handling fee in your store. WooCommerce does not have an ability to add additional fee to orders by default, but you can find many plugins that can that. Issue is that some of them are great but quite expensive (like this one), and most free extensions try to make your WooCommerce admin panel an adboard by adding unnecessary menu fields and notifications.

Here you’ll find instructions how to add a free and simple extra fee plugin for WooCommerce which won’t make a mess in your online store, and will do it’s job just right.

How to add order handling fee for low value orders in WooCommerce

First step – go to Plugins >> Add New, and enter Extra Fee Option to the search field at the top.

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The first plugin in search results will be WooCommerce Extra Fee Option plugin by Terry Tsang. Hit Install, and activate this plugin when it finishes installing.

free woocommerce  extra fee option plugin

This plugin will add only one menu link in a logical place. No ads, no other clutter in your WordPress admin panel.

Now go to WooCommerce >> Extra Fee Option.

woocommerce order handling fee

Now it’s the easiest part:

  1. Enable the plugin.
  2. Add amount you want to charge for low value order handling.
  3. Select if you want this amount be a Fixed Fee, or percentage of the Cart Total.
  4. Enter Minimum Order amount – plugin will add extra fee only if Cart total does not exceed this number.
  5. Hit Save Options.

Now all the low amount orders in your WooCommerce store will have an additional Order Handling Fee. Here’s how it will look like:

woocommerce additional fee plugin

That’s it – now you won’t need to worry about profit from low value orders in your WooCommerce website.


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