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How to track and fix 404 errors, and redirect any links in WordPress

Looking for ways to redirect any link in WordPress? Creating links in redirect is fairly easy if you use a great plugin for the job.

Today you’ll learn how to redirect any link in WordPress – either if you want to redirect from one page to another in your website, or you want to redirect from one website to another:

Lets begin with installing a free plugin for managing redirects in WordPress.

Install WordPress plugin for redirections

In order to create redirects in WordPress you need simple and easy to use redirection plugin. Go to Plugins >> Add New in admin panel, and enter Redirection to the search field at the top.

wordpress redirection plugin

After installing and activating plugin go to Tools >> Redirection to configure and start using redirects.

At first you’ll need to configure the plugin. Hit Start Setup.

how to configure redirect plugin in wordpress

On the next step I highly recommend to enable the Keep a log of all redirects and 404 errors feature. Later I’ll show yu why it’s a must for any WordPress website owner.

Then hit Continue.

wordpress redirect links plugin

Click Finish Setup.

install wordpress redirection plugin

After setup is finished plugin will test your website and server abilities to redirect If everything’s alright then just hit Continue.

wordpress plugin redirect links

That’s it – you’re ready to add redirections in WordPress.

best wordpress link redirection plugin

After setting up Redirection plugin you’ll always find it’s dashboard in Tools >> Redirection.

At the bottom of the page you’ll have an actual redirect form:

  • Source URL is the link that your visitors will see. You can add full URL with http://… here, or just enter the relative URL like in the picture below (” /old/link-here “).
    If you’re creating a referral link, or you just want to redirect old url to new page in your website, that old or broken URL needs to go into this field.
  • Target URL is the link you want old URL to redirect to.
how to redirect any link in wordpress

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That’s all you need to know for redirecting basic links in WordPress.

Here’s an example how Redirection plugin shows all the redirects you’ve created over time:

  • Code 301 shows that the redirect is permanent.
  • Hits shows how many times this redirect was actually used by visitors or search engines.
  • Last Access shows when was the last time this redirect has actually used.
how to manage redirects in wordpress

How to track and fix 404 erors in WordPress

Error 404 in websites mean that page was not found. This can happen when you delete a page or post in WordPress, change page or post URL (permalink), or completely change URL structure of your website.

Redirection plugin can detect all 404 links. Once it detects 404 error, it saves it’s URL. And when you go to Tools >> Redirection in WordPress admin panel, and then click on 404s tab, all Page not found data will be available for you.

how to detect and fix 404 errors in wordpress

If you put mouse cursor on the link you’ll see additional links – to get more data about link, delete, ignore. Probably the most important is Add redirect.

how to redirect 404 in wordpress

When you click it redirect window shows up. All you need to do to fix the 404 link is to add a new valid URL to the Target URL field.

how to redirect wordpress page not found link to new url

Then click Add Redirect button, and your 404 Page not found error will be fixed for this link.

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