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How to change or remove word “Menu” in Genesis Sample theme

If you just started using Genesis framework based WordPress themes like Genesis Sample theme you probably noticed that it has word “Menu” added to the “hamburger” mobile menu. It may be useful for some of you. But in some cases you want to change it or remove it completely. And that’s tricky because you won’t find it mentioned anywhere in the theme – it’s built-in to the famework itself.

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No worries though – there’s simple way to change or remove that “Menu” word. It’s just a bit different that you’re probably used to.

How to remove or change word Menu in Genesis Sample theme

To change or remove word “Menu” from Genesis framwork based themes you need to open Appearance >> Theme File Editor in WordPress admin menu.

Then click config >> responsive-menus.php to open responsive menus config file.

wordpress how to edit word menu in genesis sample theme

Once you’re there you probably noticed we don’t have anything related to word menu there. Not a problem – we’ll add a single line of code there:

'mainMenu' => __( 'Menu', 'genesis-sample' ),

Make sure you add it to the right place, like here:

how to change word menu in genesis sample theme

Now you can change that word “Menu” to any other word. Like:

'mainMenu' => __( 'Start here', 'genesis-sample' ),

Or you can remove it completely. Like here:

'mainMenu' => __( '', 'genesis-sample' ),

Once you’ll save changes to the file you’ll see the result immediately.

how to remove word Menu from genesis sample theme

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